Fanpekka @Johor Bahru

FANPEKKA is a 27,500 sq.ft. edutainment theme park designed with concept from Finland as the next generation theme playground for parents and children. Located in Aeon Tebrau City, FANPEKKA is separated into 6 themed zones.

A typical journey in FANPEKKA begins with the children receiving a passport at the immigration desk, “Passintarkastus”. Next, off to the “Lasten Linna” a castle which promotes physical activities, “Lasten Ocean” which is a huge ship-like structure equipped with ball pools and obstacle courses, “Leikkinurkka” the toy town where children can solve puzzles. After some rest, the children will then be welcomed by “Kasityolaisten kyla” and “Leikkimokkiaukio” where they can play with some handmade crafts and build their own houses. Lastly, “Kauppaleikin piha” is the place where children can learn through role playing.

FANPEKKA welcomes families and children aged between 2 to 12 to experience the magic in the air. For infant below 2 years old are entitled to enter for free. The park is available from 10.00am to 10.00pm and its available all day long throughout the year.




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